Tim Fox

Tim Fox joined JBoss in August 2005 and was the founder of the HornetQ project. Tim lead the JBoss Messaging and HornetQ teams until October 2010 when he retired from active duty on the project.

Tim has over 14 years of experience in software architecture and engineering in various industry sectors, including finance and telecom.

He received a first class degree in physics from Imperial College, London in 1993, followed by a master's in theoretical semiconductor physics also from Imperial College.

Tim lives in London with his family where he enjoys badgers, gurning and cat juggling.



Howard Gao

Howard Gao (his Chinese name is Gao Yong Hao) was born on June 22, 1969, in Tianjian city, China. He got his Bachelor's degree after four years studying in Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xian, Shanxi province.

Before joining Jboss Messaging team in 2008, he had a various kinds of career experiences including more than 8 years information analyse and technical publication in China Aerospace Corporation, three years CORBA/OTS development in Borland Singapore, three years CORBA/EAI/SOA development in IONA China, and one year working with an e-commercial company as web-portal project manager.

He lives in Beijing, China, with his wife and a 11 year old son.



Jeff Mesnil

Jean-Frederic "Jeff" Mesnil joined Red Hat in October 2007. Before joining the JBoss division, he worked for several companies doing middleware development related to messaging, database replication and web frameworks.

He received a MSc in Applied Mathematics and Computing from Cranfield University (UK) and a Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and Software Engineering from INSA Rouen (France).

He lives in France and writes a weblog.




Clebert Suconic

Clebert Suconic has worked for JBoss since 2004, during which time he has been involved on performance tests and leading JBoss Profiling development.

He is also the lead for the JBoss Serialization project.

Clebert has 19 years of experience in software development, doing a lot of Java and C++ development, always striving for high performance and high quality of software.

Clebert studied Mathematics at University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Clebert is a Brazilian, living with his family and an English Bulldog in Florida.

He is also a good piano player and loves playing bossanova. Hear more at SoundCloud.

Andy Taylor

Andy Taylor graduated from Newcastle University with a Bsc in Software Engineering in 2000 and went straight to work for the Guy's at Arjuna.

At this point they were still part of HP and he was mainly involved with Corba and the HP Application Server Integration. When HP decided to abandon its middleware offerings, Arjuna took on another life and he was mainly involved in developing ArjunaMS their JMS offering.

After working on the Coal face (In Industry) with A financial Company he joined the JBoss Messaging team in September 2007



Justin Bertram

Justin graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BS in Computer Science (minor in math) in 2001. After living in Brazil for a year or so he came back and started work at Acxiom doing work for fiancial services clients in all manner of technologies (e.g. Jave, .NET, Perl, etc.). Eventually he found a niche building application with JBoss AS.

In 2008 he transitioned to a support role at Red Hat where he focused on messaging, transactions, and JCA. During this time he built relationships with the engineering team and contributed bug-fixes here and there.

In 2013 he officially joined the HornetQ engineering team.



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