Project Community

Whether it's Twitter, IRC, user or dev forums, mailing lists, wiki or blog. Find out all the aspects of the HornetQ community here.


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IRC is our office and it's where you'll find many of the HornetQ developers discussing issues as part of their development work.

If you want to get involved and find out what's really going on with HornetQ come and chat to us!

Our IRC channel is at irc://

User forum

The user forum is the place where users will ask or answer any user questions on HornetQ.

If in doubt about whether to use the user or developer forum, use the user forum.

Developer forum

If you are currently working on developing HornetQ then the development forum to discuss any HornetQ development issues.

If you have a user issue please use the user forum instead.

If in doubt, please use the user forum.

SVN commits mailing list

To subscribe to the mailing list to receive all SVN commits on the HornetQ project, please visit this link


The HornetQ team also produce a blog for the project.

Come hear what announcements and other random musings from the mouths of the developers.


The wiki is a community resource where we catalog such things as HornetQ features, FAQ and any other HornetQ information.

The wiki can be updated by anyone.

Join Us!

Like the un-dead zombies in The Evil Dead, we would like to extend a somewhat putrefying hand to you and welcome you to "Join us" ;)

HornetQ is a community project and we would like you to get involved if you have a few free cycles or maybe more free time to spend.

There is plenty of stuff to do and we always welcome new faces.

If you're interested in helping out, the best place to start is by hanging around in the forums and by visiting us in our IRC channel - that's where we do most of our day-to-day business

We can give you a small task to start out, and you could build your way up to a bigger module.

Or if you have some cool new idea for a new feature to develop or a collaboration with another project, we're always available to chat.

See you there!


The team page tells you a little bit about the people who created HornetQ